Many different folks participated personally in the Billboard Poetry Project.

Several artists and writers prepared different 2-hour workshops to inspire participants to engage in making their own creative work. Here are some images from the workshops.  Rachel Call was the photographer for the event.

Leland Rowley, of Rowley Press taught a letterpress workshop.

Bryan Hutchinson taught a drawing workshop and shared his lithographs and paintings that portray Utah County buildings as they were nearly a century ago.  This workshop had a number of people registered, but in addition to the registered participants, the majority of people there ended up being a group of college-aged kids that were waiting at the park where the workshop was held.  They had never done an art project, but by the end they were making, talking with Bryan, engaged in the process of creation.

Ashley mae Hoiland taught a poetry workshop.  The participants ranged in age from 15-60 years old.  The purpose of the workshop was to spend time with the sounds around us.  After a discussion about several poems that the group brought and read, they scattered in the park and spent time writing about the sounds they heard.

Kathy West taught a short fiction workshop.  They spent time in the BYU Museum of Art discussing and writing and by the end, each person in the group produced a short piece of writing to take home and continue working on.

Jethro Gillespie got his high school students involved.  He lead a discussion about art making in the community and then they helped him set up their portable art gallery in the park for the reception.

Kim Johnson held a poetry workshop at her home in Salt Lake City (the photographer wasn’t able to make it to this event).  Ten people, some first-time poets, others who studied poetry for a long time came together and had a fascinating conversation about the use of tone in poetry.



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